Senior Software Engineer

Job description

Company Overview:

XY Planning Network (XYPN) is the leading organization for fee-for-service financial advisors who want to serve Gen X and Gen Y clients, providing comprehensive financial planning services for a monthly subscription fee without product sales or asset minimums. The Network offers a virtual community for new and established financial advisors who want to serve a younger clientele and provides its members compliance support services, marketing support, business tools and templates, and a wide range of technology solutions.

XYPN was nationally recognized as one of The 346 Best Places to Work in 2019 by Inc. magazine. In addition, we have earned accolades in 2018, 2019, and 2020 as one of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in Montana and in the US by Inc. magazine. This is an opportunity to join a rapidly growing company that is reshaping the financial services industry for the better.

Software engineering is what happens to programming when you add time and other programmers.

—Russ Cox, GopherCon Singapore 2018

About the Position:

This is the first specialized role that we are hiring for (frontend). In the last 4 years, our team has built 3 successful products with full-stack software engineers. Our most interesting challenges revolve around creating great product experiences with a small team that are system-based; reproducible without writing similar code on repeat. As we look towards the future, we are taking some time to prepare our tools for a larger team. There are a lot of great ideas baked into our existing products and we’ve started the process of migrating those ideas and reorganizing them into open source projects that our team and others can benefit from.

Your Role

On day 1 in this role, you will learn by doing, helping build out the UI for our products, spending time learning what already exists before improving upon it.

6 months or so down the road, you will start owning our UI system, making sure that we don’t create similar visual experiences that are subtly different. The goal is that making changes in a single repository migrates those changes to all of our existing products. Practically, this will mean owning our NPM based repository with all of our components and UI system.

In the future, once you have a good grasp of the technology and some vision for where we are headed, you will build your own squad to help scale your efforts.

It is expected that you are the Superhero on our team when it comes to frontend emerging technologies. We currently leverage tailwind UI and their (very) recent release with vue components. We’ve considered alpine.js and stimulus as alternatives to the whole webpack/vue flow, but found vue to be a winner over a more server rendered approach. We are always looking at different ways of doing things, and these decisions are made as a team.

Your New Team

We work in month long cycles so that large chunks of work can be handed off and worked on as it most makes sense for the individual doing the work. As a team, we are a group of over-achievers who are learning to prioritize mental health, while also getting s*** done. You will be a good fit on the team if you are looking for a long-term fit; tired of the constant churn of tech, both on the stack and literal job front, always jumping ship for that salary bump. Though we are not Silicon Valley, and don’t necessarily strive to be , we pay competitively to ensure you feel appreciated and empowered.

It is palpable if folks don’t contribute. We allow team members to move around and find their niche, but it’s definitely a team of go-getters, and it will be sorely noticed if you aren’t contributing to our momentum. You will determine the size of the work you are taking on, but we then expect you to get that work done on time. It’s how we balance creating room for creativity while delivering reliably for the as there is as an entire team around us depending on the work that we do.

We know and recognize that there are a lot of great folks out there for whom this is not the right job. If you are still interested, keep reading

What You’ll Be Doing:

  • Taking a design from Figma and turning it into reality

  • Ensuring that the work you are doing is coming from our design system, transitioning from UI that lives completely in individual products to living outside of those products

  • Helping decide the right balance between “componentize all the things” and “copypasta for bit”

  • Delivering beautiful interfaces that handle edge cases gracefully

  • Simplifying UI design patterns to make things easier for our future selves

The Deets:

Start Date: Immediately

Status: Full-time (40-45 hours/week)

Location: Bozeman, MT (preferred)

Direct Reports:  Not right now, although position may scale to lead other frontend teammates in the coming years

Department: Technology

Reports to: Product Owner

For an overview of our hiring process, check this out!

Compensation & Benefits:

Salary range: Senior Developer Level 9: $133,900 to Senior Developer Level 11: $154,500

*Please note that compensation will be offered based on experience. Our compensation is based on objective metrics and is not negotiable as part of the hiring process.

  • Equity Program : All team members at XYPN are owners! We annually contribute an equivalent of 8% of your compensation into our ESOP as part your benefit
  • Unlimited vacation days to maintain work-life harmony (we require that you take a minimum of 3 weeks of vacation per year)
    • 8 paid holidays when the office is closed
    • 401(k) with match; you put in 6% and we put in 4.5%
    • 12 weeks of paid maternity/paternity leave for the birth or adoption of a child
    • Health insurance w/employer contribution
    • Dental, Vision, Voluntary Life and AD&D, and Accident insurance options
    • Employer paid Life and AD&D insurance
    • Employer paid Long Term Disability coverage
    • $600/year to cover the cost of working with a financial planner, plus up to $500 toward the upfront fee
    • $250/quarter to spend on yourself specific to our core value of “Be Well Being You”
    • $500 donated to a non-profit organization of your choice when you volunteer 40 hours within the calendar year
    • $2,000/year available in Professional Development Funds
    • A sabbatical program that includes a cash bonus and extra time off at 5, 10, and 15 years
    • Subsidized employer-sponsored childcare through our internal child care program
    • $5,000 relocation package available to those moving to Bozeman, MT
    • Company-owned laptop computer provided
    • Please see our Policies and Procedures Manual to learn more about our company and benefit offerings


    What You’ll Bring to the Table

    • Legally authorized to live and work in US

    • At heart, you are a maker and simply find code as one of your favorite ways to create things and solve problems.

    • You have a senior-level competency with frontend technologies

    • You thrive on a team in startup mode, where you have more influence on how things are done, as opposed to a narrowly scoped role

    • You have experience working with vue, typescript, and webpack

    • You have strong self-direction skills

    • You’ve developed a drive to solving problems over completing tickets

    • The frontend depends on the server-side app to run, so you won’t be afraid of getting a Golang web application up and running

    • You’re able to make small server-side changes, rather than working with a hard separation between the back and frontend

    • You are curious and have been drawn to technology outside of its ability to be a career

    What Would Make Us Drool

    • Having built and managed a design system before in vue

    • Worked on an open source javascript project that was imported by other projects

    • Built a non-trivial application with tailwind css


    • Cover Letter
    • Resume
    • Applications will be reviewed as they are received

    XY Planning Network believes that our team members, and the individual identities and experiences of our team members, are our key differentiators. We won't settle for mere acceptance of each other's differences because we maintain that our team is better because of our differences, not in spite of them. As such, our culture celebrates, champions, supports, protects, and thrives on our various and collective identity categories. XYPN is beyond proud to be an equal opportunity employer.