Chief Marketing Officer

Job description

Company Overview:

XY Planning Network (XYPN) is the leading organization for fee-only financial advisors who want to serve their Gen X and Gen Y peers, providing comprehensive financial planning services for a monthly subscription fee and without product sales or asset minimums. The Network offers a virtual community for new and established financial advisors who want to serve a younger clientele, and provides its members compliance support services, marketing support, business tools and templates, a wide range of technology solutions, and our various service lines.

XYPN was nationally recognized as one of The 346 Best Places to Work in 2019 by Inc. magazine. In addition, we have earned accolades in 2018, 2019, and 2020 as one of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in Montana and in the US by Inc. magazine. This is an opportunity to join a rapidly growing company that is reshaping the financial services industry for the better.

Our mission is to “help people live their great lives”. We have the honor of helping tens of thousands of clients achieve their great lives by supporting the financial advisors who guide them in the financial planning process. We also have the privilege of helping over 1,200 financial planning entrepreneurs achieve their great lives by supporting their businesses' start and growth. Finally, we have the pleasure of helping our 60+ team members live their great lives by being a place where they want to come to work, supporting their unique life circumstances, and ultimately making a difference in the world so we can all leave our mark.

About the Position:

To shine as XYPN’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), you need a deep passion for marketing matched by extensive knowledge of your craft. You’ll need to balance a practical mindset with a creative business acumen and be able to successfully lead a team of talented marketing individuals through complex marketing operations.

As CMO, you will have three key responsibilities: 1) Drive growth both internally and externally, 2) Steward XYPN’s brand, and 3) Build XYPN’s marketing capabilities and infrastructure.

While all three of these responsibilities are important, the most essential is driving growth, which you’ll do through two avenues: 1) Growing the Network’s advisor headcount by bringing in new members; and 2) Increasing revenue per member by engaging members more deeply with our service offerings, including our outsourced bookkeeping, investment management, and tax platforms.

As CMO, you’ll be accountable for not just marketing, but sales too— both to current and prospective members. Working together with the members of XYPN’s Sales and Marketing teams, you’ll oversee everything from both inbound and outbound marketing to PR and brand strategy to marketing of XYPN’s events and service lines, all while ensuring we’re communicating XYPN’s story to the world: why our mission matters, how we’re different, and why people—current, prospective, and team members alike—should want to be a part of it.

Metrics of success:

  • Total/new MQLs
  • Total/new SQLs
  • New members
  • Member Engagement Score
  • Revenue per member

What You’ll Do:

    • Know XYPN’s marketing personas and member avatars like the back of your hand and use this knowledge to inform targeted marketing and messaging
    • Be obsessive about ROI; you’ll grow the Network through external marketing efforts, with an eye towards proving ROI of marketing resources that can be scaled with (significant!) additional dollars in the future
    • Be equally obsessive about member engagement; you’ll increase engagement through internal marketing efforts, including increased promotion of both essential member benefits that drive retention and XYPN service lines that increase revenue per member
    • Test, test, and test again, always improving upon marketing and sales initiatives to most effectively leverage resources and budget
    • Always be prepared to prove the ROI of sales and marketing initiatives
    • Consider data your best friend, using it to inform decisions about how to best spend sales and marketing dollars and most effectively allocate sales and marketing resources
    • Successfully lead, manage, and hold accountable the members of XYPN’s growing Sales and Marketing teams (these teams currently includes 7 sales and marketing professionals, with a budget to hire 3 additional team members)
    • Serve on XYPN’s Executive Team with an eye towards growth and an understanding of how decisions will impact your team's ability to achieve XYPN’s long-term goals
    • Know how to spend money! You’ll manage an advertising budget of $300,000 (with plans to grow the future advertising budget by 5X or more in the next two years), and will consistently evaluate new ways to increase efficiency and, of course, ROI
    • Know how to tell a good story! You’ll oversee a strategy to grow XYPN’s brand awareness and maintain brand consistency

    The Deets:

    • Start Date: Immediately
    • Status: Full-time (40 - 45 hours/week w/flexible schedule)
    • Location: Bozeman, MT (ability to work virtually until coronavirus restrictions are lifted and we reopen our office)
    • Department: Executive
    • Reports to: CEO

    Compensation & Benefits:

    • Salary: $150,000
    • Unlimited vacation days to maintain work-life harmony (we require that you take a minimum of 3 weeks of vacation per year)
      • 8 paid holidays when the office is closed
      • 401(k) with match; you put in 6% and we put in 4.5%
      • 12 weeks of paid maternity/paternity leave for the birth or adoption of a child
      • Health insurance w/employer contribution
      • Dental, Vision, Voluntary Life and AD&D, and Accident insurance options
      • Employer paid Life and AD&D insurance
      • Employer paid Long Term Disability coverage
      • $600/year to cover the cost of working with a financial planner, plus up to $500 toward the upfront fee
      • $250/quarter to spend on yourself specific to our core value of “Be Well Being You”
      • $500 donated to a non-profit organization of your choice when you volunteer 40 hours within the calendar year
      • $2,000/year available in Professional Development Funds
      • A sabbatical program that includes a cash bonus and extra time off at 5, 10, and 15 years
      • Subsidized employer-sponsored childcare through our internal child care program
      • $5,000 relocation package available to those moving to Bozeman, MT
      • Company-owned laptop computer provided
      • Please see our Policies and Procedures Manual to learn more about our company and benefit offerings


      What You’ll Bring to the Table:

      • Authorized to live and work in the United States
      • A willingness to pull up your sleeves and get your hands dirty when necessary balanced by the ability to lead and delegate tasks and projects to a team
      • An insatiable appetite to experiment with new techniques, tools, programs, and everything in between
      • A data-driven approach to leveraging marketing resources and quantifying results to determine ROI and best understand how to allocate more resources as available
      • Proven track record as a marketer
      • Experience with HubSpot (or a similar growth platform)
      • A deep understanding of digital marketing strategies, with experience testing, iterating, and reporting on those strategies simultaneously

      What would make us drool:

      • Experience in the financial services industry, with proven expertise in financial advisor personas and a solid understanding of financial advisor pain points
      • Experience scaling a sales and marketing team in an organization growing from 50 to 250+ team members
      • CFP® designation


      • Cover Letter
      • Resume
      • Applications will be reviewed as they are received